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A request from an Ogden restaurant and microbrewery to sell beer at this year's Davis County Fair was tabled Monday by the County Commission.

Rooster's, a 25th Street restaurant and brewery, applied to sell food and samples of its beer in the food court at the county fair, which runs Aug. 19-22.FairPark Director Kim Novak and Rooster brewmaster Steve Kirkland told the commission the sales would be monitored and limited to food customers. Employees would check identification to weed out underage buyers and all servers would have to go through the state-mandated training, Kirkland said.

Deputy County Attorney Jerry Hess said no beer or alcohol has been served at county functions up to now and said there could be liability problems for the county under the state dram shop statute.

Hess recommended that if the county is going to allow beer sales, it establish policy guidelines, including insurance to protect the county from lawsuits.

The county is promoting use of the fairgrounds in west Farmington, Hess said, trying to make it a year-round operation so it is inevitable that the issue would come up.

It was also pointed out after the meeting that beer is sold at the two county-owned golf courses, which Hess said is a parallel situation and calls for a countywide policy.

The issue of beer sales at the fair first came up two weeks ago at a Farmington City Council meeting. The city beer sales ordinance allows six permits in the city for retail beer sales in grocery and convenience stores but does not cover temporary or event sales.

The council expressed no opposition to selling beer at the county fair and instructed city staff to amend the ordinance to include provisions for a temporary sales permit.

That revised ordinance is on the council's agenda for Wednesday night.

After some brief discussion, commissioners Gayle Stevenson and Carol Page Monday decided to table the request for a week. Commissioner Dannie McConkie, who oversees the fair, is out of town.

Tabling the request for a week will allow Hess to draw up some policy recommendations and allow McConkie to vote on the request. Kirkland said the delay would not affect his application.