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Doctors struggling to save a 6-year-old girl with a giant, cancerous tumor swelling her belly, Tuesday gave her only a 10 percent chance of survival.

Olivia Pilhar has been on a respirator since Monday because her right lung, pressed by the tumor, was inflamed and no longer fully functional.A small tumor discovered on her kidney May 18 grew to almost fill her abdominal cavity - and weigh more than nine pounds - while her parents refused to let doctors treat Olivia. It has now largely displaced her organs.

Doctors began chemotherapy Saturday against her parents' wishes after experts determined the girl could die if not treated.

The tumor has been growing at a rate of a half inch a day, said Dr. Franz Waldhauser, deputy director of the university clinic for pediatrics at Vienna General Hospital, where Olivia is in intensive care.

Medical experts said her chances of recovery would have surpassed 90 percent had her parents agreed back in May to chemotherapy followed by an operation to remove the tumor.