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What are newsmakers to do when pundits take summer vacations? Where will the column-addicted leaders get their regular fix of advice?

Here is a month's supply of policy tips and moral strictures.- To Hillary-pilloried Bernard Nuss-baum, who will be hauled before the Whitewater committee to explain why he followed Clinton orders to keep Vincent Foster's embarrassing files away from Justice Department investigators:

Advice: Take the offensive. Brand as a liar Philip Heymann, the deputy attorney general whose contemporaneous notes show he called your stonewalling a "terrible mistake." That's what Maggie Williams did to the Secret Service agent who spotted her lugging away Foster files, and she got away with it.

- To nonmilitant Gen. Colin Powell, TimeWarner's candidate for president:

Only 12 more months of bobbing and weaving on the issues before you can be anointed somebody's running mate. On your book tour, slip past questions about your past advice to Presidents Bush and Clinton on Bosnia.

- To Sen. Arlen Specter, unabashedly pro-choice candidate for the Republican nomination, who comported himself well in "Meet the Press" debate with newly non-abrasive Pat Buchanan:

As a former prosecutor, you have the credentials to take on law enforcement when it does wrong. Though Democrats will try to obfuscate House Waco hearings to prop up Janet Reno, your Senate hearings on abuse of police power at Ruby Ridge should provide incontrovertible findings of wrongdoing. Hit this scandal hard; major TV coverage will also allow you to do "better than expected" in early primaries.

- To Singapore's anti-American dictator Lee Kuan Yew, determined to be father of the next Singapore dictator, who directed his seat-warming prime minister to challenge me to a debate en route to the local dungeon:

When I scorned this trap and upped the ante to a debate with Lee himself on neutral ground, you ordered a flunky to accuse me of "chickening out." This slang term is clearly libelous, conjuring a vision of a cowardly fowl, prepared with ginger and cashew nuts.

- To the House Ethics Committee, now badgering Speaker Newt Gingrich with a farrago of charges aimed at crippling his propaganda machine:

Drop 'em all except the book income, and establish this principle: No public official should earn more than one-fourth of his public salary in private work. After leaving office, it's the American Way to cash in on the celebrity you gained and the history you participated in; but while serving, serve the public full-time.

- To Bill Clinton, who has left the "governing mode" to embrace the "campaign mode":

Why do you want to run if you don't want to govern? Take charge or take a powder.

That does it for contingencies. If anything else comes up, you're on your own.