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Rarely have I been as outraged as I was this morning regarding the statue of our women's rights advocates that has been relegated to the basement of the Capitol. It is beyond my comprehension that a memorial honoring three of the greatest women of our time could be discarded in such a manner. This is 1995 - women are a tremendous force now. Women serve in this country as mayors, governors, executives. What kind of message are Sens. Bennett and Hatch sending to these and all other women of this nation by committing their own memorial to the dust and mildew of a basement?

It is my opinion that the women members of Congress should combine their efforts and power, remove the statue from its grave and see that it is placed in its proper, dedicated place.Susan B. Anthony, one of those great women who face the wall in the Capitol's basement, was welcomed with open arms, not only by the women of this state, but by the male leadership as well. I admonish our senators to support the resolution sponsored by Sen. Ted Stevens to resurrect the women's memorial and reinstate it to its proper place in the Capitol rotunda.

Barbara F. King