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Wasn't the 24th of July parade wonderful? I really enjoyed it as I viewed it on TV.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to the parade and watch it comfortably with no hassle?I propose a solution, knowing that those in power will pooh-pooh the idea.

Why not utilize our beautiful South Temple for this great event? It is fitting that originally it was known as "Brigham Street." It is wide and shady, parking would be easy along the streets on the Avenues and south of South Temple. The property where bleachers could be erected belongs to the city - between the sidewalks and the gutters. Charge enough to pay the cost of the bleachers and to restore property if damage is incurred.

The parade could form in the university streets, the grade is down, making it easier for those walking and performing their acts.

Our pioneer heritage is of great importance to all, and I'm sure there are many who again would go "downtown" to see the 24th of July pioneer parade if some semblance of comfort could be provided.

Thanks to those on the committee for a great parade.

Doug Quayle

Salt Lake City