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Though this year's heavy snowfall didn't cause flooding like that of the early 1980s, it has created some other problems.

One was a threatened overflow at Jet's Reservoir, an impoundment at 10,000-foot elevation along the Skyline Drive. Officials feared the rising water would threaten culinary water springs on the other side of the ridge.A city crew reached the site on horseback and managed to shut down the channels that feed into Jet's. "We've now got Jet's water level stabilized," said water superintendent Ralph Larsen. "But it's taken some doing."

Sections of the popular Skyline Drive may remain closed to traffic all summer, said Sanpete District Ranger Tom Shore. They include the Jet's area and a section between Spring City and Ephraim canyons.

In some places the snow is still several feet deep, said Shore. However, the danger of flooding is apparently past, he said.