Crews have tested the salt and found a track. It's not the best of tracks, but according to race officials it will do. So, after a one year hiatus, the Southern California Timing Association will return to Bonneville Salt Flats with "Speed Week." Dates will be Aug. 19-25.

Instead of the 7- to 11-mile track, the group has moved east to a 7- to 5-mile track. Racing will begin at noon on Aug. 19.Last year, because of poor track conditions, the annual event was canceled.

Test showed that the salt had been contaminated with other minerals, which caused to salt crystals to break apart instead of remain bonded. As a result the surface of the track turned mushy and could not be used for high-speed racing.

When this event was held, it used to draw between 300 and 400 of the fastest land-speed cars in the world.