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Police blamed motorcycle gangs battling for control of Montreal's drug trade for a bomb that blasted apart a Jeep, killing the driver and seriously injuring an 11-year-old boy.

The bomb was planted in the Jeep and tore the leg off a man in the driver's seat as he tried to start the car Wednesday. He later died.The boy, who was playing on the sidewalk, was struck in the head by flying debris and was in critical condition in a hospital, doctors said.

Three other people were hospitalized with lesser injuries, including the lone passenger in the Jeep and another child.

Detective Claude Lachapelle of the Montreal police homicide squad said the bomb probably was detonated by remote control "and it appears that the person detonating it could see there were young people around. This sort of device has been used in previous bombings involving criminal gangs."

However, he said that neither the dead man nor his passenger were known to police.

The conflict between Montreal's Hells Angels and a gang known as the Rock Machine has claimed at least a dozen people over the past two years.