Reading about the environmental battle in southern Utah reminds me of the other battles waged by environmentalists. They make wild claims, spin incredible doom and gloom scenarios and warn us all that unless we accept their versions of reality the sky will fall.

The problem is that environmentalists really know about a tenth of what they say they know but demand that policies be implemented based on their theories. The theories they purported as fact about Yellowstone fires were only minimally accurate. The major theories they espoused regarding the recovery of Mt. St. Helens had to be almost completely revised because they were so wrong.They refuse to allow a solution, then years later when their theories fail or exacerbate the problems, they invariably blame someone else and with massive chutzpa demand that other people pay for environmentalists' mistakes.

Oh, by the way, hang on to your wallet with both hands when the environmentalists say they want to manage southern Utah because the cost will be staggering and long-lasting.

Rand E. Oertle