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Dear Abby: My husband of 18 years left me for a silicone princess. My son, who was in college, told me to fight fire with fire. So I had upper torso enhancement surgery, which increased my 32Bs to 34DDs. You would not believe how it changed my life.

I was interviewed for a job afterward and was hired on the spot! My first day on the job, I was asked to dinner by three single men. Zowie! A year later, I married a man 20 years my junior. That was more than 10 years ago."Frank" is kind, gentle and sensitive. He doesn't drink, smoke, swear, nag or cheat. He adores me. I am in heaven.

He admitted that what first attracted him to me was my cleavage. I don't want to disillusion him, and since I haven't had any problems, why should I tell him?

The recent publicity about breast implants has made me wonder if I should tell him. What do you think, Abby?

- I've Got a Secret

Dear Secret: If he asks, tell him the truth.

Dear Abby: I am a 17-year-old girl and would like to remind parents of the need to watch their children around water. I am not the mother of a child, but I was a "mother" to a 5-week-old kitten.

You are probably wondering why a teen who is not a parent is writing this letter. Well, my tiny kitten drowned in our toilet. It broke my heart because I was the one who found her. All I can do is imagine what a mother would do if she found her infant or toddler in a pool, toilet, bucket of water - any of the things a child can drown in.

On the same day my kitten drowned, an infant drowned in a fish pond. Where were the infant's parents? No one knows. They said he slipped out of the house. If parents would take an extra minute to see where their kids are, then a drowning would never happen.

Pools are the main cause for infant drowning cases. these pools usually have gates without automatic locks or high fences. There is a law here in Arizona requiring a 6-foot fence around pools where there are children who cannot swim living in the home. These laws are being broken ever day; consequently, children drown.

Abby, please print this to remeind your readers of how dangerous pools can be for children and pets.

- Phoenix Teenager

Dear Teenager: My sympathy on the loss of your kitten. And than you for your timely warning that parents should be especially careful to keep an eye on their children around water. A child can drown in as little as three inches of water. As a further precaution, always keep the bathroom door closed.

Dear Abby: Regarding the woman who has the "copycat" friend: Beware!

I, too, had a "friend" like that. After several years, not only did her whole house look like mine, she also had my husband sleeping in her bed.

Sign me . . .

- Wary of Mimics

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