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Two brothers - the driver and passenger of a long-haul semitrailer truck - died Wednesday after they collided head-on into another truck.

Killed were:Emmanuel Clinton Cummings, 34, Louisiana.

Herman Cummings, 46, also of Louisiana.

The Cummings' truck, owned by Lee Transportation, was eastbound on U-84 about four miles east of Snowville Wednesday when it struck a Utah Department of Transportation truck about 4:30 p.m. The UDOT truck carried a crew filling potholes on the freeway, Utah Highway Patrol trooper Richard Wilkins said.

The semi then lost control and veered off the road and into the path of a second, oncoming semitrailer truck. The two collided head-on, and the two Cummings brothers were killed, Wilkins said.

The driver of the second truck, Dave Rivera, 35, of Orlando, Fla., was transported to McKay-Dee Hospital and was in surgery Thursday, the officer said.

One UDOT crew member was also injured. Jeff Freeze, of Snowville, was treated at the Bear River Valley Hospital and later released.