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David Locke would call it explaining the unexplainable. Just how many light bulbs did General Electric sell to have enough resources to buy the next three Olympic Games?

And speaking of questions, boy, do we have them this week:Do you suppose O.J. Simpson will watch the PGA Championship played at his home Riviera Country Club course and wonder if they cut the rough since he last took a 7 at No. 4?

Or Paul McGuire will shine on NBC's NFL center stage and become a phenom 10 years in the making?

Or Rupert Murdoch will stand guard at Bud Selig's house, watching the comings and goings of certain television types who will next attempt to steal baseball out from under him?

Or Terry Wood told his KUTV bosses that a story on the impact of an NBA-less fall on the local economy was slightly on the premature side?

Or Don King is going to spend the next week comparing Peter McNeeley to the great heavyweights of all time instead of a tomato can destined to be crushed on pay-per-view by Mike Tyson?

Or junior college transfer George Stone of San Diego State will cause the TV analysts to heap Coach of the Year-type praise on Ted Tollner?

Or Monica Seles' return to competitive tennis next week at the Canadian Open will be more of a television attraction than her the nation-decided-it-could-care-less exhibition with Martina Navratilova?

Or those in Los Angeles hurt by the departures of the Rams and Raiders will leave their jaccuzis and gather in front of the sets for this weekend's exhibition between St. Louis and Oakland?

Or Mickey Mantle will appear in public service announcements urging viewers to lead cleaner lives?