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More than a half million dollars in unexpected revenue has come into the Davis County budget this year, the bulk of it from an agreement with the state to rebuild a road on Antelope Island.

The Davis County Commission Wednesday opened the budget to formally appropriate the money.Deputy auditor Steve Rawlings said it is difficult to estimate what the county's entire revenue picture will look like while putting the projected budget together in November and December.

Unlike cities, which operate on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, counties operate on a Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 budget cycle. It's not unusual to open the budget once or twice a year and make adjustments for additional revenue and fund trans-fers.

The current county budget is just over $42 million, including the $20.6 million general fund, golf course enterprise funds, and various bond and grant funds.

The largest amount, $400,000, came from the state parks division, an appropriation to rebuild the road from the causeway to the Fielding Garr Ranch House on the south end of Antelope Island State Park.

The county struck a similar deal five years ago to rebuild the causeway to the island, with the state putting up the money and the county's Public Works Department overseeing the construction.

The county also received a $100,000 grant for wetlands improvement projects, paid out of a conservation and mitigation fund through the Central Utah Project.

Other appropriations include $44,000 from Albertson's for flood control work in North Salt Lake; $88,000 in grant money for the library system; and $13,000 from Kaysville city for improvements to Fairfield Road.