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Like an advertisement for Kevlar protective vests, a Salina police officer left the hospital Thursday, less than 24 hours after he was shot several times at point-blank range.

Miraculously, James McDonald was released from Sevier Valley Hospital in Richfield Thursday. A former Department of Corrections sergeant in Gunnison, McDonald had worked for Salina City little more than two months Thursday when he walked into a situation that very well could have ended his life.McDonald, working the graveyard shift alone, spotted a car parked to the south of the I-70 off-ramp and proceeded to investigate about 12:15 a.m. He saw a man standing next to an older, dark-brown car and asked him to show his hands. The man refused and shots rang out behind the officer. Bullets struck McDonald twice in the back. As he turned to fire, he was struck twice in the chest area and a bullet grazed his forehead. Two more rounds struck his police car.