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The cost for sewer service and connecting to the wastewater treatment system will go up for residents in north Utah County this fall.

The Timpanogos Special Service District will increase the rate 15 percent beginning with the August bill. Rates vary in the district's six cities - Alpine, American Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Highland and Cedar Hills - because each charges a slightly different rate based on usage. The increase will be used to cover escalating operation and maintenance costs.The district also will impose a capital-improvements fee beginning Oct. 1. All new connections to the system will cost $1,000. That charge will be in addition to city-imposed hook-up fees. The money will be used to fund construction of a new sewer treatment plant.

Micron Technology's effluent will put the existing treatment plant at full capacity. Like other businesses, the computer chip manufacturer will not be assessed impact or connection fees, but will be charged for flows, said Garland Mayne, district manager.

The connection fee was imposed so newcomers to the system, not existing homeowners, will be paying to expand the facilities, he said.