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FAMILY FEUD: Saddam Hussein accused a son-in-law who defected to Jordan of betrayal on Friday and claimed he stole mil-lions of dollars from the Iraqi people. Maj. Gen. Hussein Kamel al-Majid, the brains behind Iraq's clandestine weapons program and the husband of Sad-dam's favorite daughter, was granted political asylum by Jordan on Tuesday. Since then he has been reaching out to Iraqi opposition leaders and wants to plan the Baghdad regime's overthrow, said a former Iraqi general now in Syria.

EXPLOSIVE: Stock and currency markets reeled Friday from China's announcement that it will test-fire another round of missiles into waters north of Taiwan this month. Taiwan denounced Bei-jing's "unfriendly" action, but a Taipei newspaper said officials are considering postponing an October military exercise to calm the atmosphere. China considers the exercise provocative. Taiwanese warplanes also will keep away from the test area, 36 miles east of the Taiwanese islet of Tungying, the United Evening News said, quoting unidentified officials.

BOOTED: A Danish court booted three skinheads from the streets and confiscated their boots to boot. The skinheads, convicted of kicking a group of immigrants last June while on their way to a neo-Nazi rally, were sentenced to 18 months in jail, the prosecutor told the Politiken newspaper Friday in Copenhagen. The judge also ordered Thursday that the youths not wear their boots and metal-tipped shoes on the street.

SUBWAY CRASH: A subway train slammed into the rear of a stopped train during the Friday evening rush hour in Toronto, killing two people and injuring more than 20, police said. Rescuers were freeing trapped riders from the trains and evacuating them from the subway, said police Con-stable William Villeneuve. At least four people were critically injured, he said. The accident occurred along the Spadina-University line between the Dupont and St. Clair West stations in the uptown area of Forest Hill.

Across the nation

KILLER: A serial killer - possibly a police officer - has killed 24 people, mostly prostitutes, since 1991 and dumped their naked bodies near swamps, New Orleans law enforcement officials said Friday. Authorities have suspected for about a year that a serial killer was on the loose in the New Orleans area but didn't announce the investigation until Friday, when they appealed to the public for help. Police Chief Richard Pennington said one of his officers is a suspect, but he refused to identify the officer or discuss specifics. The suspicion, he said, is based on the officer's relationship with two of the victims.

RECOVERING: Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins was moved out of intensive care into a regular room Friday at the Medical University of South Carolina, a hospital spokeswoman said. Dinkins was listed in satisfactory condition at the Charleston hospital, where he underwent triple bypass heart surgery Thursday. He is expected to remain in the hospital about a week, the spokeswoman said. Dinkins, a Democrat, was elected as New York City's first black mayor in 1989. He was defeated in 1993 by Republican Rudolph Giuliani.

TIPSTER: A detective with 28 years on the Baltimore police force is accused of calling in tips on his own cases to collect reward money. Arnold Adams was suspended last month pending an investigation and has since retired. He is accused of calling in tips to a police-run hotline that offers rewards of up to $2,000 for information leading to arrests. The reward money comes from corporate donations.

In Washington

TERRORIST: A man suspected of being India's most wanted terrorist was arrested at a Minnesota airport and faces de-por-ta-tion as an illegal alien, the Immigration and Naturalization Service said Friday. Immigration agents arrested Daya Singh Sandhu, 33, alleged leader of the militant Khalistan Liberation Force, shortly after he landed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Aug. 3. The Khalistan Liberation Force, run by members of the Sikh religion, wants a Sikh state in Punjab, where Sikhs are a slight majority. Sikh rebels began a separatist war in 1983, claiming religious and economic discrimination by India's Hindu-dominated federal government.

Other news

BERLIN RIOT POLICE firing tear gas and water cannons battled militant Kurds on Friday at the site of a 3-week-old hunger strike. . . . A FORMER Federal Express pilot was sentenced to life in prison Friday in Memphis, Tenn., for attacking a FedEx jet crew with a hammer and spear gun at 18,000 feet in 1994. . . . QUEEN ELIZABETH II's Household Cavalry will feature its first black trooper at commemorations next weekend marking the end of the war in the Pacific. "It will be a great honor to guard the Queen, who is colonel-in-chief of my regiment," said the 28-year-old former postal worker, who is from Sedgley, in central England.