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He's already had a good look at his new players, who began practice earlier this week. Today University of Utah football coach Ron McBride gets to see his whole squad in action as practice officially opens at the Ute practice field.

McBride knows what he has coming back from last year's successful 10-2 season, but he said the success of this year's team depends on what kind of shape the individual players report back in after their summer workouts."For the last three months the players have had a lot of things they needed to solve," said McBride. "Everybody had something they needed to do. During the next couple of weeks we'll see what they did. In the next two weeks we need to find out what kind of team we're going to have."

After meetings and picture sessions early in the day, practice begins today at 4:30 p.m. and continues most days until the season opener Sept. 2 against Oregon. The players will practice in shorts for the first three days and start playing in pads Tuesday when the team arrives at "Camp Carbon" in Price for.

McBride has been impressed with his freshmen, transfers and redshirts, who started practice on Wednesday. Among the newcomers that McBride singled out as being potential key players for the Utes are receiver Lloyd Henry, running backs Omar Bacon and Chris Ma'afala, linebacker Kautai Olevao, defensive tackle Pene Talamaivao, defensive back Artis Jackson and center Chad Folk.

"This is the best class I've had since I've been here," said McBride. "So far I've been pleased with them, but we'll see how they compare with the others when they start practicing."