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Former Salt Lake City Commissioner Steve Harmsen is officially in the hunt for the mayor's seat.

Harmsen filed for the Salt Lake mayoral seat Friday afternoon. Harmsen, 53, served as a city commissioner from 1972 to 1976. He supervised the streets and public works departments. He also is a former city prosecutor.He owns Steve Regan, a chain of farm, ranch and nursery supply stores in Utah and Idaho.

"I entered this race for mayor because I feel that the voters of this great city need a choice on who will represent the whole city as opposed to special interests and projects," Harmsen said.

Harmsen, a Republican, said he has put together a credible campaign organization with "adequate resources and manpower" to take on the six other mayoral candidates.

Borrowing a formula that worked well for Republicans nationally, Harmsen said he plans to unveil a "Contract with the City" later this month.

"My campaign will address the problem of crime, deteriorating neighborhoods and the reduction of property taxes," Harmsen said. "We will also focus on the fact that City Hall is not user friendly and is not focused on juvenile crime and its causes."