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Ironically, the manufacturing company incubated and cast off by WordPerfect/Novell after Novell decided to outsource more of its departments will be producing the competition's newest cute baby, Windows '95 for Microsoft.

SoftCopy Inc., located on the border between Lindon and Orem, originated as part of WordPerfect and split off from the Orem company in 1984. In 1992, it was acquired by WordPerfect and renamed WordPerfect Corporation Manufacturing. After Provo-based networking giant Novell bought WordPerfect in 1994, the facility was again cut from the main body of the company and sold to R.R. Donnelley.It has since become part of Stream International as the Lindon Division in a document merger recently inked between Don-nel-ley and Corporate Software, said John Anderson, speaking from the company's headquarters in Crawfordsville, Ind.

Stream International, in Crawfordsville, is the main assembly site for Microsoft's premiere word-processing product, eagerly awaited by the computer industry, said Anderson. Microsoft has agreements with five production companies throughout the country.

The Lindon site will produce duplication of the Windows '95 product as needed to take care of overflow orders.

Twelve sites were announced at the kickoff of Windows '95 sales campaign including Utah and Indiana. Those sites have the ability to complete more than one million units a week, more than seven times Microsoft's internal capacity - according to "Directions on Microsoft," an in-house publication for the mega company.

The Windows '95 product is expected to sweep through the industry largely because it offers an online feature with the sale.