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An unidentified man carrying a butcher knife entered an Orem home around midnight Friday and demanded food from two teenage boys who were upstairs in the home, police said.

The front door to the residence was open when the man entered, surprising the teens who came downstairs, said Orem Police Sgt. Gerald Nielsen. The intruder displayed the knife and asked for food.The boys gave the suspect a loaf of bread, some chips and a pop, Nielsen said. The man then told the boys not to look out the window or call police as he left. The suspect did not physically injure the youths.

Nielsen said the teens waited about five minutes, then called police to report the incident. Police were unable to locate the suspect, who was wearing large bib overalls.

Nielsen said the suspect could have been a transient, intoxicated or mentally ill, based on the slurred speech and description of his actions.