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Movement of livestock is being restricted within a 10-mile zone near Castle Valley because of the presence of a virus.

The Utah Department of Agriculture has ordered the restriction after test results Friday revealed a horse had vesicular stomatitis virus. The virus is not a threat to the general public.State Veterinarian Michael Marshall is notifying livestock owners and veterinarians to take the steps to protect animals. Marshall recommends owners in other parts of Utah limit the movement of their animals and avoid the congregation of animals.

"Before you move animals in or out of the state make sure you get a certificate of veterinary inspection and a permit," Marshall said.

Vesicular stomatitis is a viral disease that occurs sporadically in the United States, typically between late spring and early fall. Although horses, cattle and swine are main targets, the virus also affects sheep, goats, llamas, wildlife and humans, he said.

The virus rarely causes death in animals.