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Rescuers freed the last survivor of a subway crash from a heap of tangled wreckage Saturday, and transit officials were investigating why one train rammed the rear of another, killing three people.

The crash during the Friday evening rush hour was the first fatal accident on the subway system since it opened in 1954."Why? Why did this happen?," a shaken Toronto transit commissioner, Case Ootes, said Saturday. "There are supposed to be fail-safe instruments to prevent this."

At least 36 people were hospitalized, with all but six released by Saturday after being treated for cuts and bruises, hospital officials said. Both train drivers survived.

Emergency crews struggled in 100-degree temperatures in the sooty tunnel to free screaming passengers from the jagged tangle of metal. One trapped woman died shortly after limbs were amputated.

Investigators started sorting through the debris on Saturday but said they did not expect to find any more bodies or survivors.

The transit commission's acting general manager, Arnold Dube, said transit officials have no idea what caused the accident.

The line was to be shut down indefinitely. As most other lines reopened Saturday, commuters boarded without hesitation.