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The United States Geological Survey reports Utah has more than 270,000 geographic names, and a complete computer listing isn't feasible - it would be too long and fill too many pages.

The last time such a Utah name list was printed was in 1981 with the Utah Geographic Names index from the Topographic Division of the U.S. Geological Survey. It contained just 20,069 names in 411 pages and was 2 inches thick. A scrutiny of that publication reveals a lot of important but missing names. (It would require 5,500-plus pages to print today's 270,000 Utah names.)"Utah Place Names" by John W. Van Cott is a good effort, but it's essentially an abbreviated digest of Utah place names, with about 4,600 titles included. Van Cott has indicated he'd like to see a four-volume set of Utah place names done to better cover the subject.