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Cleveland Browns quarterback Vinny Testaverde will remain hospitalized until at least Tuesday after undergoing surgery for a staph infection in his leg.

Meanwhile, rookie quarterback Eric Zeier, who made a good showing against the New York Giants last week, will start for the Browns in their Monday night exhibition game against the Chicago Bears.Testaverde developed the infection after cutting his shin during practice two weeks ago. He was admitted to Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday, and had surgery to cut out the infected area Thursday. He also had an allergic reaction to antibiotics, which has since cleared up.

Doctors made a small incision that took two stitches to close. Testaverde is expected to practice with the team Wednesday.

"There's really no rush to get him back here if he's not going to play Monday," coach Bill Belichick said.

The infection did not reach Testaverde's bloodstream, which can be fatal. Former Browns defensive tackle Jerry Sherk almost died from a staph infection in his knee in 1980.

"I suspect he'll be full speed by Wednesday," said Testaverde's agent, Mike Azzarelli. "They want to keep him there to keep it elevated and draining and to make sure he doesn't re-cut it or injure it."

Azzarelli quashed rumors that Testaverde was considering retirement.

He also downplayed the possibility that Testaverde could lose his starting job to Zeier.