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DEATH: FLORENCE H. RASMUSSEN 8/23/21 - 8/11/95


Goodbye, sweet precious mother. Know that you will be missed tremendously, loved eternally, and in our hearts forever. You have planted a seed from part of your spirit in all of us to cherish from the most beautiful parts of your being. Thank you for all you've done and the lessons you have taught us. Thank you mostly for your selfless, beautiful spirit, for it is a treasure we shall all remember.

Go now, with Jesus, for your guardian Angel awaits to whisk you to the magnificence that you have so rightfully earned. We are all waiting to hear the grandeur as you join in with the holy choir from the glorious heights of Heaven. You're O.K., now.Goodbye, Mom, we love you!

John, Art, Ann

Mom's beloved fur friends:

Coffee Girl, Danny Boy

Blue Kitty, Esther Ruth

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