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It seems to me that most of us are or should be "environmentalists." We all want to protect and preserve the beautiful country in which we live. It would be foolish to do otherwise, although undoubtedly a few would ravage nature because of greed.

On the other side of the spectrum there are those extremists who because of selfishness and greed want to restrict the beauties of nature to a privileged few who want to go backpacking and hiking in a wilderness area. To exclude those who are unable to or who dislike "roughing it" would be unfair. Nature should be available to all. There are moderate environmentalists who are reasonable in their proposals and attitudes. Some are not only unreasonable but will not even listen to the ideas of others.The extremists decry Lake Powell. And yet tens of thousands have been able to see Rainbow Bridge because of the lake. There probably wouldn't have been a handful who would have seen it otherwise.

Those who are handicapped or elderly are able to enjoy the back country of Utah because of paved roads. A paved road through scenic areas in the state isn't going to destroy the beauty of the country or the habitat of a few animals.

The wilderness proposals of both Congressman Hansen and Congressman Orton have merit. One or the other proposal should be adopted. The unreasonable demands of the extremist environmentalists should be ignored.

Let us all protect our beautiful state of Utah, but let's be reasonable in so doing and give all our citizens the opportunity to enjoy it.

D. McKay