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I couldn't agree more with Gay N. Blanchard's letter to the editor, "Tax assessment is ridiculous."

My appraisal is eight times what I paid for my home in 1961-62.We are on Social Security. Something should be done to save the old people's homes.

There are a number of reasons for tax increases:

1. The federal government gives handouts to the states, counties and cities, then taxes the people to get the money back. It has not helped the economy in the long run.

2. Bond issues only create hard times in the future.

3. Social Security increases to offset inflation have only fed inflation. I get twice as much Social Security as I did 18 years ago, but as prices have risen faster than our raises. We have higher taxes, higher grocery bills and higher medical costs than we did before the raises - especially comparing income and prices 18 years ago.

I think a policy of paying for things when we get the money slows growth, but in the long run, we would be better off and, I think, avoid depressions.

Melvin M. Hall

Salt Lake City