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A Ute Tribal Court ruling has temporarily closed the Bottle Hollow Complex that houses Ute Tribe offices.

The order, issued last week, also restrains Business Committee member Stewart Pike from having any contact with attorneys Robert Thompson, Edward Guyon and Anthony J. Famulary, other than through his attorneys.The temporary restraining order issued by Tribal Court Judge Leon Perank says "irreparable harm and threats to employees or property exist" if the complex remains open during this time of political disputes within the tribe. The "smoke shop," restaurant, gas station and public affairs office were exempted and will remain open.

Perank ordered Bureau of Indian Affairs police to secure the facility and restrain any un-au-tho-rized person from removing items from offices inside the building at Fort Duchesne.

Prank also ordered that the "Compliance Security Squadron" that had its headquarters in the complex be dissolved.

Perank's order remains in effect until a hearing Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in tribal court, when the court will decide whether the order will remain permanent.

The newly recognized Business Committee sought the order because it claimed that members of the former Business Committee, which is no longer recognized by the BIA after elections this spring, had taken over the complex and were intimidating tribal employees who opposed them.