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Opponents of French plans to resume nuclear testing in the South Pacific claimed responsibility Sunday for the second arson attack in a month against a French high-speed train.

No one was hurt, but damage was estimated at more than $850,000.Swiss police were alerted to the burning train in the capital, Bern, shortly after 3 a.m Sunday. An engine room was destroyed and several cars badly damaged by what police described as Molotov cocktails.

The TGV, or high-speed, trains operate on several runs between France and neighboring Switzerland. Reaching speeds of up to 185 mph, they are the pride of the French railway system.

Bern police received a letter early Sunday evening from anti-nuclear protesters claiming responsibility for the attack, police spokesman Beat Gross said.

It called for a boycott of the TGV trains and said such sabotage would continue as long as France maintained plans to resume underground nuclear tests on French Polynesian atolls in the South Pacific.