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You can be sure of two things when U.S. basketball players arrive at the Olympic Games in Atlanta next summer:

They'll be called the Dream Team.They'll expect to win every game by 30 points or more.

This Dream Team label should be dropped. The original Dream Team sent to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona had three of the best who ever played: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. They won their games by an average of nearly 44 points, capped by a 117-85 victory over Croatia in the finals.

The 1996 team has great players - Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O`Neal, Grant Hill, Reggie Miller, to name a few - but most haven't been around long enough to be legendary.

One word of advice: Don't think you're unbeatable. You look good on paper, but they play the games on a hardwood floor.