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The results of a blood test will make it easier for prosecutors to file automobile homicide charges against a Cot-ton-wood Heights teen accused of killing two classmates last week in a car accident.

Blood drawn from Laramie Huntzinger after the early morning accident last Thursday showed the boy's blood alcohol level at .11. In Utah, a driver is considered impaired if the blood alcohol level is .08.Huntzinger has been in the custody of his mother since the accident in which Hunt-zing-er's car careened into the three girls, killing Elizabeth Phillips and Jennifer Neddo. Jaimie Cogswell is in serious condition at University Hospital.

The girls were walking along Hollow Mill Road, 6700 South at about 2700 East, when the car hit them. Phillips and Neddo were pronounced dead at the scene. The girls were eulogized at a joint funeral Tuesday morning.

Sgt. Jim Potter of the Salt Lake County sheriff's office said the blood alcohol results mean it will be easier for the county to seek third-degree felony automobile homicide charges against the 16-year-old boy.