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County commissions would lose their right to veto proposed municipal incorporations under a new law being proposed by an interim legislative committee.

Under the draft statute, a nine-member incorporation review commission would be established in each county to approve or deny incorporations.County commissions currently are empowered to halt incorporation elections if they believe forming the new city would be det-ri-mental to residents of un-in-corporated areas.

Commissioners have run afoul of incorporation proponents who contend the county officials have a built-in bias against formation of new cities.

Members of the Salt Lake County Council of Governments, attorneys from several cities and Salt Lake County and members of the public are helping to write the legislation.

The bill, proposed Tuesday, is to be presented to the Legislative State and Local Affairs Committee in October and then could be introduced during next year's legislative session.

Incorporations in Salt Lake County have come to a standstill, pending either a new law or a ruling from the Utah Supreme Court. The court is considering a case brought by proponents of a new city to be called The Cottonwoods.

In December, the Salt Lake County Commission voted not to allow the incorporation election.

But rather than wait for the court, officials are moving ahead to address the issue.