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Bryce Don Johnson, 17, a junior at Woods Cross High School, and Steven Gaskill, 18, a senior from Northridge High School, participated with 1,000 other secondary school students in the 1995 International Science Fair at Hamilton, Ontario.

The students were selected because they had the top projects at the Davis School District Fair Science Fair earlier this year.Johnson's project is an upgraded version of a previous project. During what he called "Robotics, a part of our future society, Phases I and II," Johnson built a robot and provided it with a guidance system to move multidirectionally.

In Phase III, his entry at the international fair, Johnson built another robot with bumper switches for sensors that allowed it to respond to collisions by stopping and turning around.

Gaskill carried out his project while completing a biology internship with the Howard Hughes High School Research Program at the University of Utah. In a project titled "Water Conservation in A. vulgare," he determined the maximum percentage of humidity loss that potato bugs can survive.

For both students, the fair was an opportunity to meet high school students from around the world and professional researchers.