What local teens say they expect from parents:

Friendship and respect"Support me and tell me I did a good job."

"Be interested in my life."

"I need consideration and consistency."

"Show me love and compassion."

"Be there when I need you."

"Give me room to be myself."

"Help me make good decisions."

"Be someone I can trust and look up to."

"If I do something wrong, let me know you still love me."

"Take time to listen to me and to talk."

Material needs

"I need food, protection, transportation, shelter and clothing."

"Make sure I get a good education."

"Give me a happy environment."

"Spend time with me and have fun."

"Take family vacations to different areas."

"Support me physically, financially and mentally."


"I expect love, honesty, trust and loyalty."

"Help me become independent."

"Let me make mistakes and learn from them."

"Trust me to make my own decisions. Don't assume I'll make the wrong one."

"Respect me for my beliefs."

"Teach me responsibility by letting me work or help out."

"I expect certain rules so my parents can have some control and I can have some guidelines."


"Build me up with trust, faith and love."

"Tell me you love me every day."

"Praise me when I do something good/right."

"Be there if I need to talk."

"Give me understanding. Don't accuse me when I screw up."

"Listen to my problems and help me get through them."

"Be patient."

"I expect love, time and attention."

- From Tips for Parents, Salt Lake/Summit County Child Abuse Prevention Team.