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Utah County motorists could get a reprieve from oxygenated gasoline again this winter.

The state Division of Air Quality wants to repeat a study done earlier this year to determine whether oxyfuel, which the U.S. Environmental Protection agency requires in the county to curb carbon monoxide, elevates fine-particulate or PM10 pollution. The state Air Quality Board suspended use of the fuel in January and February for the study.Data collected this past winter showed that oxygenated fuel contributed to a 4 microgram per cubic meter increase in PM10. But Neal Olson, a state environmental scientist, said he wouldn't stand behind the findings. Atmospheric conditions, particularly the lack of an inversion, didn't allow researchers ideal weather for the study, he said.

The Air Quality Board will consider a request from the county to shorten the usual Nov. 1 to Feb. 28 oxyfuel period.