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The Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau and its ad agency, Penna Powers Cutting & Haynes, have designed a new promotion campaign that features a brochure intended to correct misconceptions about Utah.

Richard E. Davis, bureau president, said the campaign uses tongue-in-cheek humor to erase the misconceptions and attract more visitors and conventions to the area. The brochure is titled "Salt Lake is a Very Cool Place, Hon-est."Some examples of the tongue-in-cheek humor are:

"Salt Lake, in the middle of a desert?" Below is a picture of the Salt Lake City skyline with the Wasatch Mountains looming in the background.

"Our skyline may not have the Empire State Building. But some of our elevators go to 11,000 feet." Accompanying picture shows the Snowbird tram.

"Some say Salt Lake is a dry town. Luckily we have over 300 watering holes." This has a picture of the inside of a private club.

"While we don't have a major seaport, we have plenty of departing cruises." Picture shows a skier cruising down a hill.

"It once took 148 pioneers 90 days to get here. Now 38,000 can do it in a few hours." Picture is of a jetliner landing at the Salt Lake International Airport with the Salt Lake City skyline in the back-ground.