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Residents should plan on hauling away their own garbage to the burn plant's citizen facility this October - at $5 a load - because the City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to cancel this year's fall cleanup.

"We don't get a lot from that cleanup," council member Darrell Horne, said, noting that the event costs the city at least $20,000.Stephen Whitesides, another council member, agreed and said he doesn't think the citizen facility is such a bad deal since it's clean and has covered parking. Councilwoman Cherie Goodliffe said her family never uses the cleanup anyway.

Mayor H. Arthur Johnson was interested in knowing the exact cost of the city's cleanup but acknowledged the council had to make a decision at the Aug. 15 meeting so cleanup information could be listed in the city's upcoming newsletter.

In the past, citizens could put out extra garbage during a special week in October and thus save trips to the burn plant and its dumping fee.

The burn plant's regular $7 charge per pickup load of garbage for citizens is expected to be reduced to $5 during the October cleanup period. However, the city doesn't expect the Energy Recovery District to give cities any kind of discount on garbage they haul to the burn plant during the cleanup. That cost helped Kaysville, like many other Davis County cities in the past year, decide to do away with their special cleanups.