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Salt Lake City has scrapped its support of the umbrella organization that oversaw community councils in the city, but unlike what's happening in Salt Lake County, the move is largely supported by the neighborhood associations.

In June the City Council dropped a $55,000 allotment for the Salt Lake Association of Community Councils when it approved the 1995-96 budget."We're not saying SLACC can't be in existence," said City Council Chairman Stuart Reid. "We're just not going to give them (money)."

The council is currently working on an ordinance that formally terminates its relationship with SLACC and sets up new guidelines to govern community councils.

A key provision of the ordinance is a policy for recognizing new community councils - which proved a stumbling block in the past when SLACC refused to OK new associations.

The city also has created a Neighborhood Services Office, overseen by the mayor's office, to work with community councils. Several months ago Mayor Deedee Corradini began meeting with community council leaders monthly.

Backers of SLACC say the organization is alive - despite the lack of city support.