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Before the rigors of a school schedule set in, use these last weeks of summer to "publish" your own family newspaper. There is something in this project for all ages in your family, whether reporting about the financial success of the lemonade stand, drawing a cartoon or describing the evening at the ballpark when the Cleveland Indians' Eddie Murray made the 3,000th hit of his career.

For your first annual edition, keep it simple and publish one page. Here are some ideas for your cub reporters:- Review your favorite summer book and movie. Was last year's "Lion King" better than "Pocahontas"?

- List improvements and new skills developed and report on achievements or memorable moments at kids' summer soccer, baseball, swimming and gymnastics competitions.

- Write a travel log highlighting experiences on family outings whether in town or on the road. Include jottings of guests you welcomed in your home.

- Report on home improvements. Your preschooler may wish to make an illustration of the new roof on your house or the new tree in your back yard.

- Conduct a family survey or poll and ask questions such as "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?"

- Older children may enjoy making a word search that would include all of the family members' names.

- Interview new neighbors and write something interesting about them.

- Describe physical changes. Who grew the most, lost a tooth, broke an arm, got new glasses? What about Dad's growing bald spot and Mom's first gray hair?

When the articles, reviews and cartoons are all assembled, print, type or use your computer if you have one. Make photocopies of your newspaper and send it to friends and family. For fun, frame the original in an inexpensive box frame and hang it on the wall. Your record of the summer of 1995 will be a keepsake and a reminder of both new experiences and of activities your family did together.