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Experts estimate as many as 2 million or more illegal aliens sneak across our southern border every year, many of whom get fake documents to take American jobs and obtain taxpayer-financed handouts that are costing us billions of dollars each year.

But the most alarming fact is the 5,000 border patrol agents assigned to guard our borders are simply not enough to stop all these illegals.Illegals are taking American jobs, collecting U.S. taxpayer-financed welfare benefits and free health care, getting free bilingual American education for their children, bringing violent crime into our country and a terrifying increase in drug trafficking.

Congressman James Traficant, D-Ohio, has introduced HR387, which would allow use of up to 10,000 military troops (from a total armed service of nearly 2 million) to assist border patrol agents in stopping illegal aliens at the border. There would be very little, if any, additional cost since troops would simply be reassigned from other posts.

The United States has about 500,000 troops overseas defending other countries in Europe and Asia at the expense of American taxpayers. Here at home, less than 5,000 border patrol officers are our only defense against illegal aliens and the drugs, crime, terrorism and economic chaos they bring across our border.

I think HR387 is long overdue.

Arie VanTielen

Salt Lake City