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In the two years since its inception, 1,526 permits have been issued by Sevier County's building inspection department.

The workload has increased to the point where another inspector has been hired who will work on a part-time basis, according to Building Inspector John Hicks. The position is being filled by Paul Hinrichs, a former building inspector in Escondido, Calif.The new inspector moved to Richfield in 1992. He has a Utah inspector license and is certified in building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical codes.

Meanwhile, Hicks said 32 new home building permits at a value of $3.5 million were issued during the first half of 1995.

Four commercial permits authorized during the same period involved construction valued at $305,000.

The county's building inspection department received fees of $63,426 during the first half of the year, an increase of about $12,000 as compared to the previous year.

Hicks also had a warning for area residents and businesses, noting some individuals are involved in building who do not have licenses.