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Shannon Faulkner, the first woman in The Citadel's all-male corps of cadets, will return to her company Friday after spending her first week battling illness.

Faulkner walked into a hospital Thursday morning for tests and went back to school about two hours later. Flanked by two federal marshals, she did not speak to reporters as she returned to the school's infirmary, where she had been since Monday."Ms. Faulkner, after breakfast tomorrow, will be released to her company with no restrictions," Citadel spokesman Terry Leedom said Thursday.

Leedom would not comment on her condition, citing privacy rules, but said he "was 99 percent certain she would stay in the infirmary Thursday night."

Ed Faulkner, her father, said the sickness may be beyond simple heat exhaustion and could be related to her 21/2-year court battle to become a cadet, which ended last week when two justices of the U.S. Supreme Court declined to block her enrollment.

"I think she's worn out mentally from the court fight," he said. He gave no details.

One of Faulkner's lawyers, Bob Black, also would not discuss her condition.

Faulkner, 20, was stricken Monday in 100-degree heat. It was the first day of rigorous training the cadets call "hell week."

Her father noted she had worked out in the heat at home before reporting to The Citadel on Saturday.

The Citadel had cited her physical condition in trying to keep her out. Leedom has said she was more than 20 pounds over Army weight standards for her height.