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Ugandan authorities said Wednesday that portraits of a lean-looking President Yoweri Museveni taken years ago should be replaced by newer, more accurate pictures.

The permanent secretary in Museveni's office said portraits of Museveni, 50, before he became president in 1986 were no longer representative and should be replaced in all public places."This should be done as a matter of urgency," he said in a letter to government departments and the media.

The new, color portrait favored by authorities contrasts sharply with the older ones, taken while Museveni was fighting a five-year bush war that brought him to power.

In the new portrait, the president is chubby-cheeked and balding, with a purposeful stare.

In the old, mostly black-and-white pictures, Museveni appears lean, with a forlorn look in his eyes and wearing either battle fatigues and with a rifle on his shoulder or an ill-fitting suit.