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Police planned to book Adam Galli, the fugitive "preppy bandit," into the Salt Lake County Jail on Thursday.

Galli, 26, who had been on the run since November 1992, faces a capital murder charge in the shooting death of Green Parrot Cafe cook Merritt Rior-dan and five aggravated robbery charges.FBI agents captured him two weeks ago in a Northfield, Minn., cabinet shop. He last was in the county jail in summer 1992 on the robbery charg-es but jumped bail, leaving his family to cover the $40,000 bond.

U.S. Marshals escorted Galli from Minnesota to Salt Lake. His arraignment has not yet been scheduled.

Salt Lake Police detective Chuck Oliver said Galli first ran to Northern California to work in logging camps after he left Utah. After a season there, he hitchhiked across the Plains states and finally settled in Minnesota because of its Norwegian culture.

Galli took the name of August Cedergren and was settling down with a girlfriend in the suburban area north of Minneapolis.

"I guess he liked the name `August' because it was the name of his favorite poet or philosopher," Oliver said. "And he really felt at home in the culture up there."