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I would like to publicly thank the Software Etc. stores for resolving a problem with a CD computer kit I purchased from them. For eight months, I tried to work with the CD manufacturer people, but they kept sending defective hardware and software and ignoring my calls. Even though it wasn't Software Etc.'s responsibility, they made the situation right with me.

My experience has shown that the Software Etc. stores are managed very well. Their stores are neat and inviting. The workers are customer-oriented, helpful and knowledgeable. They also have a large selection of the latest software, bargain titles and computer peripherals and the best merchandise-return policy.PC World magazine upset me because it suggested "skipping" Software Etc. because they were too expensive. This is unfair. There are more factors to consider than just price when purchasing software and computer items.

Salt Lake is fortunate to have numerous quality stores to purchase computer software and components.

David L. Grundvig

Lake Point