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Following is a calendar of events at some of the area's restaurants and clubs:

ASHBURY PUB, 22 E. 100 South: Mr. Fabulous, Friday, Aug. 18; Figure Head, Saturday, Aug. 19; Kirsty MacDonald, Tuesday, Aug. 22; House of Cards, Wednesday, Aug. 23.BAR AND GRILL, 60 E. 800 South: Iceburn and Jezus Rides a Rik'shaw, Friday, Aug. 18; Honest Engine, Saturday, Aug. 19; King Trance, Tuesday, Aug. 22; Marmalade Hill, Wednesday, Aug. 23.

BURT'S TIKI LOUNGE, 726 S. State: Semi-Sweet Loretta, Friday, Aug. 18.

CANYON INN, 3700 E. 7000 South: Billy the Kid, Friday & Saturday, Aug. 18 & 19.

CINEMA BAR (at Spanky's), 45 W. Broadway (300 South): 666 Tour (Horsey, Evil Mothers), Saturday, Aug. 19.

DEAD GOAT SALOON, 165 S. West Temple: Blue Devils Blues review, Mondays; Harpoon, Friday, Aug. 18; Calobo, Saturday, Aug. 19; Clumsy Buzzard, Tuesday, Aug. 22; Soul Vitamins, Wednesday, Aug. 23.

GREEN STREET, 610 Trolley Square: The Crush, Friday & Saturday, Aug. 18 & 19; Jay

Toups, Sunday, Aug. 20; Megan Peters, Monday, Aug. 21; Jazz Bros., Tuesday, Aug. 22; Julie Mark & Maggie Beers, Wednesday, Aug. 23.

HOLY COW, 241 S. 500 East: Tripping Daisy, Tuesday, Aug. 22.

INTI RESTAURANT, 2124 S. State: Jose Angello, Fridays; Pueblo Nuestro every third Saturday; Pampas every first Saturday.

LAMB'S, 169 S. Main St.: Classical guitarist Michael Lucarelli, Fridays and Saturdays.

THE PARK IVY CAFE, 878 S. 900 East: Idlewild, every other Saturday.

PEPPERMILL, 3400 S. Redwood Road: Elmo's Fire, weekends.

PORT O' CALL, 78 W. 400 South: Mocha Joe, Wednesdays and Saturdays; Bill Heaner & Rebecca Olsen, Thursdays.

SABRE CLUB, 14 E. 800 South: Mason Dixon Line, weekends.

SAGE SUPPER CLUB, 8136 S. State: Slaughter, Friday & Saturday, Aug. 18 & 19.

SALT CITY CAFE, 307 W. 200 South: Figure Heads, Friday, Aug. 18; Disco D.J., Saturday, Aug. 19; J. Ramsey, Monday, Aug. 21; Riverbed Jed, Thursday, July 24; Sun Masons, Friday, July 25.

SOJOURNER, 3939 S. Highland Drive: Marci, Wednesdays.

THUMPERS, 1650 W. 3500 South: Midnight Expression, weekends.

UPPER COUNTRY, 3485 S. Main St.: Live rock every Thursday.

WESTERNER, 3360 S. Redwood Road: Stacy Dean Campbell, Sunday, Aug. 20; Hired Gun, Wednesday through Saturday, Aug. 23-26.

ZACCHEO'S, 280 E. 800 South: Kevin Christensen, Thursdays through Saturdays; John Arnez, Mondays through Wednesdays.

THE ZEPHYR CLUB, 301 S. West Temple: Gamma Rays, Friday, Aug. 18; Mr. Fabulous, Saturday, Aug. 19; Jerry Garcia Tribute; Sunday, Aug. 20; Billy Goat, Monday, Aug. 21; Lea Kottke, Tuesday, Aug. 22; Psychodelic Zombiez, Wednesday, Aug. 23.