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The Davis Energy Recovery District raised residential garbage fees last month and now is considering increasing commercial disposal fees as well.

District plant manager Jack Schmidt said that with the new household charge, residents are now paying more than their share of fees. He estimates that even though district households generate only 46 percent of all garbage, they are paying between 55 and 60 percent of the facility's total waste disposal costs.He'd like to create an equity between household fees and commercial rates. Schmidt, along with Board Chairman Robert Arbuckle, doesn't believe the $62 a ton commercial tipping fee makes for an equal situation.

Schmidt also believes that if there was an equity in rates, residential fees in the future would remain lower.

Arbuckle said the district has received some complaints on the new household charge, and he didn't feel board members were ready to make a decision on the issue at its August meeting. The board will consider the possible increase to $82 a ton for commercial haulers at its Sept. 6 meeting. If approved, the new fee could take effect as early at Oct. 1.

However, some board members fear a higher commercial fee could drive some customers away.

"We need to really be careful how much higher we go," said H. Kay Chandler, a district member from Clearfield.