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Dear Do-It Man: About 15 years ago I had an outdoor game called Zimm Zamm. It consisted of a metal pole with a coil on top that was stuck in the ground. A tennis ball attached to a rope hooked onto the coil. The object of the game was to hit the ball to one end of the coil using a racket, while playing either backhand or forehand.

The game was very enjoyable and gave a good workout. I'd like to buy a game for my family but can't find it in any stores. Can you help?L.J., Spring City.

Dear L.J.: We have no clues, even after making a half-dozen phone calls. After calling local game stores, board game giants Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley, Hasbro (which now owns both Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers), Mattel Inc. (which owns Wamo, the maker of the Frisbee and the hula hoop) and Toy Manufacturers of America, an industry trade group, we came up with zilch.

One of the many people we talked to said the toy industry has been notoriously bad at documenting itself because it's in such a hurry to get ahead of itself.

The last call we placed was to a toy and toy commercial collector in New York City. He hadn't returned our call by deadline. If he enlightens us, we'll let you know.

In the meantime, if any of our readers have the game, or know where you can get one, they can call us at 237-2170, and we'll call you.

Retirement communities

People looking for a retirement community may want to consult a new, comprehensive book, "Retirement Living Communities," by marketing consultant Deborah Freundlich.

Billed as the "only national guide to full-service living communities," the book grew out of Freundlich's parents' search for a community that offered independent living with health care services.

Comprehensive and easy to use, Freundlich's book is organized alphabetically by state and profiles more than 400 retirement living communities that offer some form of health care.

An introductory chapter defines terms (for example, "assisted living" and "continuing care") and has sections on accreditation and basic financial, legal and medical considerations.

It also lists important questions to ask about retirement living communities, including those concerning management and finances, accommodations, services and amenities, admission and health care.

Published by Macmillan, "Retirement Living Communities" costs $24.95 and is available in book stores. - Maturity News Service