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Two of the best chess players in the world are to battle for supremacy near the top of the World Trade Center from Sept. 11 to Oct. 13.

Arrangements have been concluded for Garry Kasparov of Russia to play Viswanathan Anand of India on the glass-enclosed observation deck on the 107th floor, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said."It's going to be great for the city of New York," said Bill Cahill, a spokesman for the agency, which operates the trade center.

Kasparov, champion of the Professional Chess Association, will be defending his title in New York for the second time in five years. In 1990 he defeated Anatoly Karpov of Russia, with part of the match played at the Hotel Macklowe in midtown Manhattan.

The winner of the World Trade Center match will take home $1 million, the loser $500,000.

A glass partition with curtains will separate players and spectators from the rest of the observation deck. Tourists will be able to follow the games on big-screen projectors.

Another Port Authority spokesman, Allen Morrison, said there was no doubt that the competition would generate money "far outweighing" the estimated $100,000 cost of preparing the deck for the matches.

CNN will televise some of the matches, and ESPN is reportedly considering coverage.

The match had been scheduled to be played in Cologne, Germany, until Mayor Rudolph Giuliani persuaded Kasparov that the Trade Center would be an ideal spot.