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The setting was a Utah canyon and even the coun-ty commissioner wore hiking boots. But you could call it a meeting.

Salt Lake County Commissioner Mary Callaghan hiked to Secret Lake along with members of the local chapter of the Sierra Club, Save Our Canyons and the Wasatch Mountain Club Wednesday evening. In all, seven adults and five children - including the commissioner's two children - walked the two-mile trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon.The hike's purpose was to raise awareness of the developmental pressures in local canyons, said Save Our Canyons vice-president Tom Berggren.

And the group took to the hills rather than the board room to "meet where it counts," Berggren said.

The clubs wanted Callaghan to see firsthand how important they think it is that commissioners follow the county's master plan. There is also concern about possible rezoning of private property in some canyons and ski resorts that want to build right up to the top.

Berggren felt the hike was a success and appreciated Callaghan lacing up her boots for the cause.

"We feel very strongly that as many people as possible realize what is at stake here," Berggren said. "We are trying to urge government officials to take the long view and make decisions on what will be good for the children that were on the hike and their children."

Berggren said it's vital to look at even small developments that when accumulated, "risk ruining these prized treasures."